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What are commonly used for knitting materials

Release time:2020-01-13 Source:Please Complete English Information

It is made of short wool which is close to the body of sheep. Its warmth retention is better than that of wool. It feels soft and fluffy. Because of the poor cohesion of short wool, it is often blended with wool, which is a high-grade wool yarn.
Rabbit's hair
It is composed of rabbit hair and coarse wool, with small density, soft and fluffy fiber, good warmth retention and moisture absorption, but poor strength, easy to fall off, and often blended with other fibers.
Camel hair
The outer coat of camel hair is camel hair, which is thick, hard and tough, and the inner coat is thin, short and soft. Camel hair and camel hair have good heat preservation and are excellent for cold protection.
Yak hair
Yak's undercoat is light, soft and warm, but its dyeing is poor, so it is suitable for interior decoration in winter.
Ramie or ramie stem, skin fiber, high strength, good elasticity, moisture absorption and ventilation, ramie has a unique knot effect, often blended with other fibers.
The cilia of cotton seeds. Moisture absorption, air permeability, softness and comfort, good dyeing performance, but poor elasticity, large shrinkage, easy deformation of cotton woven clothing. After mercerizing, it has soft luster, and is mainly used for weaving casual clothes and seasonal clothes.


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