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The huge international situation faced by China's weaving enterprises

Release time:2020-01-13 Source:Please Complete English Information

Since 2013, the international market competition of woven bags has become more fierce, and China's exports are facing increasing pressure. After the international financial crisis, developed countries proposed to revive the manufacturing industry, and some countries also said they would alleviate the domestic trade deficit by crying and beating exports.
      The price of national bulk commodities may fluctuate at a high level, and the business risk of enterprises will increase. Woven bag products are also among the commodities. With the recovery of the world economy, the global demand for resources and energy will pick up in 2013. In the context of ultra-low interest rates and loose monetary policy, speculation and low US dollar exchange rate may drive up the price of bulk commodities and push up the import and export costs of Chinese enterprises.


Please Complete English Information

RealName:Mr. Zhu

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Address:South five villages Houjie town Dongguan Guangdong

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