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What are the effects of different colors of woven cloth?

Release time:2020-01-13 Source:Please Complete English Information

The color of PE woven fabric can be made into various kinds. So, that is to say, it can be used in different directions and industries, and the role it plays may be a little different. Now we are in contact with the color of PE woven fabric, mainly including black, white, transparent, green, blue and so on. Then you know that the effect between them all has What are the differences?
One: the application direction is different, and the color of PE woven fabric is different. In many aspects, it is to play a role of inspiration and warning. It can be very obvious that we can distinguish which are different colors of PE woven fabric, so as to prevent discrimination.
Second, different colors mean different quality. For example, black PE woven fabric is mainly used in greenhouse insulation and floor cloth, while other industries such as tarpaulin mostly use blue and white.
Third, the price is a big difference. Because of the different colors and the different raw materials used, their prices will vary greatly.


Please Complete English Information

RealName:Mr. Zhu

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Address:South five villages Houjie town Dongguan Guangdong

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